Loan Against Property

Financing your need whether it is for personal like child education, marriage expenses, medical expenses or for professional nature like expanding business, payment of debts etc. - all can be solved by taking the loan against property.

Loan against property, as the name suggests itself is simply a loan which is granted on the pledge of the property. Though property is mortgaged with the lender, ownership of the property still remains the same and owner is still allowed to continue using the property.




For Salaried Individual
For Self Employed

Documents Required

Loan against Property can be of any type:-


Is co-applicant is mandatory to apply for loan against property?

No, co-applicant is mandatory only in the cases, where the ownership of property belongs to more than one person.

What are the criteria to be fulfilled by the property to get loan?

Title of the property should be clear and free from any litigation. It should not be already mortgaged for any other loan.

What is market value of the property?

Market value is the value that can be fetched on the sale of the property in current market conditions.

Can loan can be taken against commercial property also?

Yes, loan can be taken against commercial as well as residential property.

Can NRIs avail this Loan Against Property?

Yes, subject to verification of all the documents and property.

Is un-insured property can be mortgaged?

No, it is advised to get the property insured before applying for the loan.

What is an amortization schedule?

It is a document in the form of table showing the breakup of every EMI towards repayment of interest and principal of your loan.