Auto Loan

Auto loan is the loan provided by the banks and the financial organizations for the purchase of the vehicle for personal or commercial use.

If any person needs the finance in order to purchase a vehicle may be new or used, he can apply for the loan. Individual can purchase of any car from luxurious sedans to hatchbacks of his own choice and avail the benefit of car loan.

Low processing fee will be deducted at the time of disbursing the loan amount to the individual’s bank account.

2 Types of Car Loans are available in India:-

1. Personal Car Loan

New Car Loan - This type of car loan can be taken to purchase a new car straight out of the showroom, available for most of the models available in the market.


Used Car Loan - This type of car loan can be taken to purchase a pre-owned or used car from the pre owner of the car. The car must not be older than 5 years and should not exceed 10 years at the time of maturity of loan.

2. Commercial Vehicle Loan

Getting a loan for purchase of commercial vehicle has now a days become very easy. Many banks and financial companies are providing the loans at very liberal terms and conditions.



Individuals, proprietorships, companies, partnership firms, trusts and societies


Car Refinancing

If you find yourself in a big problem with your existing auto loan, and want to reduce your loan payments.

Car refinance is a kind of secured loan which is provided by several banks and NBFCs to repay the existing balance of a car loan.

Why to go for car refinancing?

Things to keep in mind while refinancing:-