Ecommerce Loan

We have seen the huge growth in the E-Commerce market. This loan is available for the seller who are selling their products through E-Commerce Stores, who always need the high working capital to arrange for their inventory and also for their logistics and day to day expenses. As this market is very tough and competitive, seller cannot afford the shortage of finance.

Today in this technological world of Digital Marketing & Sales. Online Stores have become the necessity of the people. This business model is beneficial for both seller and the buyer. It has expanded the business opportunities for sellers and easy shopping for buyers. Seller can explore the new buyer across the geographical limitations and buyer can shop as per their wishes at competitive prices.

Many banks and venture capitalists companies are offering the loans especially to small and medium enterprises of this sector to foster their growth.


  • Minimum 2 year operational
  • 2 year ITR
  • GST Return for last 6 months.

Documents Required

  • Business Registration
  • Bank Statement for last 6 months
  • KYC Documents of the authorized person of the business

Types of E-commerce Loan

Term Loan

One time Capital Needs like to purchase of equipment, to renovate or purchase the office premises, to increase the stock etc.

Line of Credit

This loan is type of overdraft facility to the seller. For Working Capital like to pay to vendors, to purchase inventory to meet rise in demand etc.

Invoice Discounting

This loan is provided on the value of your unpaid bills receivables. You can apply for this loan as soon as you sell the product and raise the invoice on your customer. Seller need not to wait for the buyer to pay. He can apply for this loan and can repay when customer pays him.

Merchant Cash Advance

This loan is very much suitable for the sellers who carries large number of transactions through card swipes. Take the loan and repay directly through the swipe transactions.

Merchants who have minimum monthly card swipe transaction of INR 50,000 and have minimum 6 months card swipe history can avail this loan facility.